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Versatile data collecting software with post-processor features

The EDGE Monitor is a solution developed to meet the data collection needs related to voice and data in the GSM, GPRS and EDGE networks.

It is easy to configure and has a customizable graphic interface, Edge Monitor supports Rf Scanner and up to 8 terminals in different set ups:

Long Calls
  Set Up Calls
  Idle Mode
  Data Tests (Upload, Download and Ping)
  Scanner (Decoding of Bsic and Analysis of C/I)

Edge Monitor enables the visualization in real time and in Replay mode of various parameters:
RxLevel, RxQual, Time Slot, C.I., Bsic, Channel, Global ID, Neighbours, HSN, MAIO, Throughput, MCS, CS, BLER, FER, BER, Attach, PDP, Resselection...

Among the features, the following are highlighted:

  • Vector Function: enables the utilization of a digitalized map of the region, thematization of parameters (Rx Level/Rx Qual/FER) and the simultaneous visualization of Layer 3 Parameters and Call Events.

  • Neighbour Link: Shows current position of the vehicle linked to the serving and neighbor Cell.

  • Customized Windows: the Timeline and Parameters windows can be customized by the user in accordance with their needs. In this way, the suitable parameters for test and analysis can be chosen.

  • Band Lock Feature: enables the user to define the band to be monitored during the test. This is an indispensable option for the Dual Band networks currently used.

  • Layer3 Decoding: Layer3 messages totally decoded. Visualization is possible during data collection and Replay Mode and furthermore offers the possibility of exporting to other file formats (MapInfo and Excel).
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