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STMRA - Sistema de Telecomando e Monitoramento de Religadoras Automáticas
(Recloser Telecommand and Monitoring System)

STMRA is a solution that enables the remote management of the recloser. The system consists of core software and MICRORREMOTA (MICRO RTUís), installed in the distribution networks of electric energy utility companies.

The STMRA has a user-friendly interface as well as resources that help the operation to identify failures and the extension of the damage.

The micro-remote acts like a local supervisor that monitors all the recloser variable states and as such, spontaneously connects to the control center, which in turn, enables it to inform pre-determined problems and events that may come to occur.

The exchange of information between the control center and the Microrremota (micro RTU) is done through a mobile network using the CSD and Packet Data (TCP/IP) Technology..

The utilization of mobile networks grants for flexibility in the rearrangement of installed equipment and the elimination of costs that are related to the implementation and maintenance of the proprietary radio networks.

As a result, STMRA offers the electric energy utility companies:

Improvement of quality indicators (DEC/FEC)
  Increase in operational efficiency
  Reduction of operation time
  Reduction of operation costs

Customized solution

All the knowledge acquired by the HEXAGON Telecom development team is also used in the development of products defined by customers, according to operational features required by them.

As a result, highly customized solutions (hardware and software) have been developed with a substantial level of satisfaction from all our customers.

Monitoring of assets, by radio or mobile phone
  Industrial automation: management of machines and equipment
  Measurement equipment telemetry (electricity, water and gas)
  Business message sending systems

If your company needs a customized solution, talk to HEXAGON Telecom.

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