HEXAGON Telecom is able to fulfill all stages of the project regarding Installation and Implementation of Wireless Networks in Indoor and Outdoor environments:

  • ​​​​​Field Survey
  • Elaboration of the Installation Project
  • Infrastructure Adaptation
  • Installation of Equipment
  • Indoor and outdoor DAS (Distributed Antenna System)
  • Tests and Commissioning
  • System Acceptance

HEXAGON Telecom has been participating in the implementation of most Outdoor and Indoor systems of all operators throughout Brazil.

The constant awareness promoted by the Occupational Health and Safety Policy as well as Training has been evident in all the services that have been carried out and has been consolidated as a primary factor for the safe development of all activities.

HEXAGON Telecom has broad experience in the installation of High and Low Capacity Microwave Radios (PDH and SDH) and has carried out many projects within the main telecommunication networks throughout Brazil.

Our teams receive technical training directly from the transmission equipment manufacturers and consequently guaranteeing adequate practices for all the implementation process stages.

HEXAGON Telecom provides infrastructure adaptation services of sites for the installation of electronic communications equipment. These services comprise civil constructions, adaptation of rooms, energy control panels, grounding systems, lightning rods and necessary structures for cable positioning.

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